Tourism and e-learning 

by Dr. salam alasady
There is an important and essential element that deserves more attention from those in charge of the Iraqi tourism sector, which is e-learning, as it tends to educational institutions to deepen the interests of societies, especially in the current situation and the health threat to which the world is now exposed, which is the Corona virus, previously when individuals complete their traditional education in universities, they They are looking for tourist trips to enjoy and relax to relieve the stress they were exposed to during the school period.

     E-learning gives more space for tourism knowledge through the use of the same tools and methods of research in electronic networks that help them in the completion of the work entrusted to them on the one hand and follow the professor and the student their educational tasks and accomplish them at the required level that is achieved in traditional education through official sites on the other hand during their future tourism trips And if we compare tourism and e-learning, they both use the same methods to communicate with the human resource, service, and the surrounding environment. Tourism has become a small village thanks to the Internet and e-learning. It will become a comprehensive educational village if applied to the international standards that many experiments worked on, most notably the Japanese and American experience of e-learning, so the application of these standards by specialists in the two fields with the availability of comprehensive infrastructure gives an impression and results at the educational and tourism levels, and therefore individuals perform tourism in the same Time is learning, so we invite educational and tourism institutions to observe electronic security, and this needs specialized cadres in software and computers at the highest levels, as the world is a world of speed and hacking.

In light of the foregoing, it can be said that the academic cadres are able to build the electronic educational village that is tight enough to be a place for them and their students, and finally it must be known to the specialists in the educational and tourism field that education is the basis of everything and that tourism is a sustainable oil that needs a realistic scientific management from the academic experience to manage its file Successfully.

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