Tourism agencies, tourist offices / student / Hadi Abbas Mousa and / d. Mohammed Gamal Al-Tayef

Tourism agencies and tourism offices are certainly heavily influenced by “technological changes, especially in automated reservation and ticketing systems, and the organization and implementation of world-class cruise packages that have given many competitive advantages as well as global airlines. Automated booking systems have been adopted, many profits have been made by American airlines, and more so by the use of electronic modems by connecting personal computers to national multinationals, threatening travel agencies that have made most travel agencies use at least one Concentrate the central reservation for the purpose of booking tickets or car rental or accommodation and provide these techniques re-booking in hotels or deal with the problem of delay flights. Or the difficulty of contacting the other tourist offices in the world in the framework of the exchange of information on the work of the tourist offices and promote their activities and the issuance of its comprehensive tourism programs and can also manage discussions and electronic dialogues and the transmission of voice messages and exchange text messages for e-mail.