The role of modern technology in the development of the tourism sector / student Hadi Abbas Moussa and d. Mohammed Gamal Al-Tayef

The world of tourism is dominated by a sharp competitive environment that challenges tourism business administrations to keep abreast of rapid and rapid technological developments if it is to continue and succeed.
Because the tourism sector is a vital sector that influences and influences its surrounding environment, tourism has no limits because it is characterized by dynamism and diversity to meet the requirements of global tourism growth. Therefore, attention in information technologies and systems is a strong incentive for developing countries to reduce the gap between them and the developed countries in this field through efficiency In the information technology suitable for tourist work in it and at the level of all tourist sectors (accommodation, travel, tourism, food, beverages, transport, luxury, tourism, See her) with the availability of the elements of good use to achieve the goals of economic, social, cultural and environmental tourism development.
Hence the importance of our modest research, which deals with the problem in a theoretical framework, on how to benefit from the benefits of information technology in the activities of the tourism sector in order to become economically relevant outputs that meet the needs of tourism development and contribute to the growth of tourism variables towards faster growth rates in countries with potential Tourism in the Arab countries in general and Iraq in particular.