The most important benefits of the use of information technology in the tourism sector / student / Hadi Abbas Mousa and / Mohammed Gamal Al-Tayef

The most important benefits of the use of information technology in the tourism sector:
1- Increasing the efficiency and control of the administration responsible for planning, organizing, supervising and coordinating the work of the tourism sector at the state level, on the one hand, and the activities and activities of the tourism and hotel establishments operating in the country on the other hand, so that the administration (at all levels) feels its ability to sound scientific planning and to achieve effective control over operations And various tourism activities and thus to achieve their goals set.
2. Improve the tourism product, improve the level of services provided and increase the competitiveness of tourism management by updating the data and responding immediately to the rapid changes in the requirements of the local and international tourist market.
3. Increasing the efficiency of the use of available tourism production resources (personnel, machinery and equipment, various enterprises, invested capital, etc.), thereby reducing total costs and thus increasing the revenues of tourism and hotel establishments and reducing losses or errors both in the provision of information Focus on decision-making in the tourism organization or in the provision of services and the tourist product (such as sales and purchase programming, food production programming in the hotel, programming of pay and incentive system, programming of customer accounts, guest registration processes and procedures to reduce waiting time and even programming the trip). On air lines (23), etc.
4 – Raise the morale of the workers in the tourism business by achieving their objectives and compatibility with the objectives of management through the availability of information systems and good communication systems that lead to better exploitation of the workers and improve their efficiency and thus create a healthy working environment and work as one unit within the organization.