Basic Considerations at the Local Level / Student / Hadi Abbas Mousa and / Mohammed Gamal Al-Tayef

Basic considerations at the local level:
In addition to the three points mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are points and considerations regarding the conditions of the Iraqi tourism sector in the field of information sector, which reflect the importance of the administrative leadership of the tourism sector to the technology and information systems appropriate to the working conditions of tourism in Iraq and in a manner that contributes to achieving the goals of tourism development faster than the natural agencies :
1. The multiplicity of agencies that provide data, information and statistics related to the tourist activity in Iraq without the adoption of a unified classification of all tourist information, whether at the level of the Tourism Authority (Planning and Follow-up Department, Tourist Information Center) or at the level of the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation, About hotel activity and tourist accommodation complexes only.
2. The tourist information center in the Tourism Authority is below the level of ambition as it is not technically and technically qualified to provide the desired data base, which reflects the indicators of the development of Iraqi tourism in all its aspects due to the weakness of its inputs as the information center both in terms of technology used and in terms of cadres Non-specialized worker in computer technology, programming and data processing efficiently and effectively, so that the number of employees (25) who are specialists in computer science is only 5 of the total number of employees in center 35 note that “28 permanent owners, 7 temporary contracts and there is a clear difference in data center and out Of the planning department And the follow-up in the same body, and the outputs of the center are not valuable and meet the needs of decision-makers and researchers specializing in Iraqi tourism issues and this is evident “in the semi-annual statistical information issued by the center marked by the tourist binder.
3. The lack of coordination between the Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation, the Central Bureau of Statistics, where each works individually and has no relation to each other. Therefore, their outputs are completely different. Note that the annual statistical collection issued by the Ministry of Planning and published by the survey of hotels and tourist accommodation complexes It specializes in hotel activity only, not the total tourist activity in Iraq, and lacks much of the necessary data such as economic indicators that show the contribution of the tourism sector in the Iraqi economy such as the calculation of tourism income in the Iraqi economy and the value added and the rate of Tourism tourism, tourist tourism, tourist tourism, tourist tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism and tourism. The Iraqi tourism sector is independent in achieving economic growth in Iraq.
4. Lack of coordination between the tourism departments in the governorates, the tourism authority or the Iraqi Ministry of Tourism in Baghdad in the field of tourism and the flow of data related to tourism and hotel activity due to the absence of a clear working mechanism between the two parties regarding the availability of tourist information systems and the lack of specialized cadres, The lack of a database that reflects the efficiency and effectiveness of tourism activity in each governorate and the same applies to representatives of the private tourism sector such as professional organizations such as the Association of Hotels and Restaurants and the Association of Travel and Tourism Companies in B Ghadad and the lack of representatives in the provinces.
Therefore, based on our analysis of the above, the variables and conditions of tourist work and the need for technology appropriate information to meet the requirements of tourism development in view of the management of tourism benefits and advantages of use, which makes us accept the hypothesis of research as it fits with the logical analysis of the relationship and therefore showed the special considerations of the Arab tourism industry and local weakness of relationship under Absence of planning, coordination and integration in the management of information and the opportunities of marketing and investment opportunities.