Five tips for sailing around the world for free

While there is an increase in boat trips and private yachts, as well as research ships and submarines, reliance is increasing on volunteers of different ages and groups to ensure assistance and companionship on a trip around the world. From volunteer cooks to teachers and doctors, there is no need for a volunteer.

Which explains the increase in the number of volunteers to travel on yachts, boats and ships, from backpackers and adventurers in their twenties to retired people in their eighties, in search of the opportunity to travel around the world without having to spend a single dollar, which is what CNN magazine identified in its investigation of five ways To sail for free around the world, which are summarized as follows:

1. Volunteering as a crew member:

You do not need sailing experience to be a member of the crew, but you need more flexibility and adaptation. Your tasks, which range from cleaning, night watch shifts and catering, are what can make you the tireless and active hand on the deck of the boat that strokes the waves.

Many wealthy yacht owners resort to a fair offer that includes travel on the yacht, accommodation and food in exchange for a hand working on the backs of their traveling yachts, and they probably prefer those who have no previous experience in sailing, because they ensure that they are taught to perform the tasks in their own way. In the matter is your tendency to adventure and your willingness to learn, as you are like a student visiting in a hostel.

2. Traveling as a friend:

It depends on your enjoyment of a sense of pleasant company. If you were not one of those who look at it as boring work, then your good company guarantees someone a free place on the deck of a yacht, which is said about a pair of volunteers in their eighties to work on the deck of one of the yachts as hands. She works in cleaning and preparing food, but the trip would not have taken place with such pleasure, had it not been for the stories, tales and legends he told the owners of the yacht and their companions, according to the opinions of the companions of the trip.

3. Children’s teacher:

While the trip is long with yacht owners and lovers of travel and adventure, it may sometimes require volunteers to be teaching professionals in order to contribute to the education of the children accompanying their families, and take care of them on board private yachts and ships, which is summarized in an accompanying teacher or teacher, or it may address the needs of children To a educator or nanny, especially if they are of young age.

Join one of the scientific research ships:

From submarines to mega yachts, all ships of all shapes and sizes are looking for volunteers, even scientific research ships, and many marine life associations and dolphin and whale lovers have many research ships that spend long months at sea collecting samples and conducting experiments, which therefore need a lot of Volunteers come from different age groups and occupations, but especially the labor teams and administrative supervisors, as well as the scientists and laboratories.

Be the ship’s chef:

It is one of the most required jobs on yachts and ships. Preparing food for the crew of the ship or yacht before waking them from their sleep, and at other times is one of the most important daily operations on the deck of the boat, as armies crawl on their stomachs, as they say.

While research ships and mega yachts require the help of professionals to do the cooking, wealthy private yachtsmen tend to hire volunteers with a variety of skills, from cleaning to mastering the cooking, in exchange for travel and food.


Thus, it seems that it is not necessary to be a wealthy luxury yacht owner in order to be able to travel around the world, but it is enough for you to just read this article.