Curriculum Vitae Dr Jaafar Imran Muhammad Saeed

Full name: Jaafar Imran Muhammad Saeed.

Birthplace: Karbala.

Iraq – Baghdad.

Marital status: Married.

Number of children: (3)

Nationality: Iraqi.

Nationality: Arab.

Religion Muslim.

Academic degree: teacher.

. Karbala University/ College of Religious Tourism and Hotel Management.

Current work: Teaching at the University of Karbala.

General and exact specialization: Tourism sciences.

First – the scientific and administrative positions you occupied:

  1. Continuing Education Unit Head: College of Religious Tourism and Hotel Management 2012-2014
  2. Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs: at the College of Tourism Sciences for the year 2013-2017.
  3. Head of several administrative and technical committees and for holding festivals and symposia (scientific and cultural).

 The certificates you obtained, the university and the country that granted the certificate:

Technical Diploma: Iraq – Institute of Technology – Najaf 1986-1987

Bachelor’s degree: Iraq – Ahl al-Bayt University 2008 – 2009

Master: Lebanon – The Islamic University of Lebanon 2011 – 2012

PhD: Al-Mustansiriya University / College of Tourism Sciences for the academic year 2020-2021

Master’s thesis title:

The impact of security stability on the development of the tourism sector – the holy cities of Mecca and Karbala

PhD thesis title:

Public relations management as an intermediate variable between strategic planning for human resources and competitive advantage

Teaching Experience: I am currently teaching at Karbala University.

 Published and accepted research:

1) The impact of security stability on the development of the tourism sector in Islamic cities and sites – the holy cities of Makkah and Karbala.

2) The impact of Husseini visits and their role in the growth of tourism in the holy city of Karbala.

3) The effect of regulating markets, old and new, on Holy Karbala – an analytical study.

4) (The impact of security stability on the development of the tourism sector – the holy cities of Mecca and Karbala) research extracted from the master’s thesis.

5) The importance of managing tourism public relations in enhancing a sustainable competitive advantage ((Analytical study of the opinions of the managers of the two samples of Karbala and Al-Ashraf of Al-Ashraf and Al-Najafiyah excellent hotels))

6) The importance of strategic planning for human resources in enhancing sustainable competitive advantage ((analytical study of the opinions of the two leaders of the two holy and Najaf schools)

7) Estimating the Surplus of the Tourist Consumer that the Visitors of the Chibayish Marshes Get in the City of Nasiriyah.


9) Green Tourism Marketing as An Introduction to Fulfill Sustainable Tourism Development (Theoretical study)

 Seminars, conferences and delegations:

– Participation in the tourism conferences held by Ahl al-Bayt University (peace be upon him), the first: in (2008 – 2009), the third conference at the same university in (2011 – 2012).

Qualifying and training courses:

– A course in cleaner production at the United Nations Industrial Research Center at the Lebanese University.

 Courses he participated in:

A- Teaching methods course on 12/19/2012

B- A computer course (Word – Windows) on 10/12/2013

C- A course in the art of etiquette on 16-17/1/2013

D- A course in human resource development for the international trainer, Dr. Aqeel Al-Khazali.

Second – the subjects I taught:-

A- Tourism economics.

b- Tourist guides.

C- Managing the security of tourist facilities.

D- Managing tourist offices.

C – Management of events and restaurants.

Third – The tasks of the assistant dean for administrative affairs, she was assigned to assume the duties of the position of the assistant dean for administrative and financial affairs, and the most important of these tasks are:

A – Follow-up of the central and sub-committees in the college.

B – Issuances of administrative orders and general directions in the college.

H – Follow up on administrative developments and complete technical deficiencies in the college.

F- The responsibility of the continuing education unit in the college.

Fifth – The tasks assigned to the administrative and financial affairs and according to the administrative structure:

A – Responsible for all the 6 divisions, divisions, and administrative units

B- A member of the committee to create a museum unit that was formed by administrative order D/8/558 dated 3/18/2013 and composed of a committee to manage it.

g- Follow up the follow-up unit in the college and develop its method of work, in addition to establishing an external monitoring system around the college.

Sixth – Participation in international and local conferences:

1- The first international conference of the Faculty of Religious Tourism and Hotel Management, 2013. (Member of the Preparatory Committee).

2- The Second International Conference of the Faculty of Tourism Sciences, which was held in the month of March 2014 (Member of the Preparatory Committee)

3- Member of the Preparatory Committee for the Spring of Martyrdom Festival, which is held by the two general secretariats of the Hussainiya and Abbasid shrines for a period of 6 years (2003-2008).

4- Attending several international festivals, international competitions and competitions in memorizing the Qur’an.

5- Head of the ceremonies committee at the second Khan al-Nakhila Festival, which was held in February 2018.

Eighth: Other activities:

1- Coordinator with the office of the Assistant Governor for Development and Reconstruction to implement the college laboratories (complete implementation of two audio and computer laboratories, food and kitchen laboratories in progress).

2- Coordination with tourism companies to train students during the summer vacation (Al-Yassin Company, Quraish, municipal councils, the Association of Hotels and Restaurants, the Tourism Authority, the Directorate of Antiquities and Heritage, the municipality directorate and a number of other local departments, in addition to the coordination of municipal councils).

3- Supervising graduation research at the bachelor’s level.

4- Visits by students to local museums in Baghdad, Karbala and Najaf.

5- Preparing practical lessons for students in first-class and excellent hotels (Rotana – Baron – Hoda Al-Wali).