Tips for sleeping in airports

Here are a few tips from the travel expert Agoda hotel booking site to make your experience of sleeping at the airport more comfortable and safe:

Eye protection and earplugs: You’re at the airport where the lights stay on 24 hours a day and ads blaring in different languages ​​every two seconds. Having an eye protector and earplugs are very important in this case, as they are lightweight and do not take up much space in your bag, so make sure you always have them. Blankets: If you don’t have a shawl or towel, you can borrow a blanket from the airline, and the airline you fly on will often be more than willing to help you. You probably won’t want to order an Eva Air blanket when you’re flying Cathay Pacific, but there’s no harm in trying anyway. The blanket is useful and can be used in many ways: as a cover for your bags or as a source of warmth. Alarm clock: If you’ve missed a flight, you won’t want to miss another flight either. Set your watch or mobile phone. If you don’t have any, write on a large sign in black marker “Please wake me up at 7 AM!” Place the sign near you. You will surely find nice people to wake you up. The iPod also has an alert feature. Keep your belongings: Drowsiness affects your ability to focus but don’t fall into the trap of thinking ‘don’t worry no one will steal my belongings’. Try to build a fence around you using the trolley and put your luggage on your body or under your head. Do not leave your passport, airline ticket, cash or other important documents in your bag. Instead, put it in a safe place in your inner coat pocket or inside the small bag around your waist.

You can also convert your luggage into a comfortable bed, so that you build a bed from your bags that you can lie on, so you will have comfort and safety at the same time. This option is very convenient when you have a lot of luggage. Of course, in this case, you also have to take out the important documents from the bags so that they do not remain without papers and end up in the detention center for illegal immigrants.


Come early: If you plan to spend the night at the airport, come early as soon as possible as places are limited. Everyone thinks like you do, so you may find all the good places, behind the table, in the shade of windows or corner seats occupied when you arrive.