The tourist concept: I stipulate to the tourist that he is a person whose stay or residence without his original home for a temporary period of more than twenty – four hours (2).
: Tourism objectives:
Tourism is particularly important in developing countries, which aim to achieve surplus balance of payments and surplus foreign currency (3):
Tourism aims to contribute to supporting the local and global economy.
Attract capital to the country in terms of hard currency and huge capital.
Helps to run a large number of manpower and eliminate unemployment.
Tourism is a huge market in various industries such as industry, agriculture and trade.
Third: Importance of tourism economically, socially and environmentally:
Tourism is one of the most developed industries in the world. It is characterized by its superior and special ability to launch a series of production and investment activities and activities in the national economy due to the complex effects of complex and complex tourism demand from many goods and services to all major economic sectors, Sometimes surpassing the forty-one sector or sub-industry, and this confirms the economic efficiency that characterizes the tourist activity, which is considered (especially in the tourist countries) the dynamic engine of the national economy (1).
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