Obstacles to internal tourism

The activity of tourists today is one of the most important activities in different countries, because of the density of human numbers that aspire to a tourist vacation, however short. This huge expansion in the areas of tourism activity was not at this level nearly ten years ago, but the economic and social changes contributed to the existence of this jump In tourism.
Tourism has become one of the leading industries in the global economy, especially in the developing countries. The interest of countries in tourism development has increased and its role in the national economy has become more important because it has economic, social and environmental benefits. Tourism is no longer a mere transfer of people from one place to another or from one country to another. Its activities, its trends, its systems and its laws, and it became a human phenomenon and social activity subject to many influences and variables.
The success of domestic tourism, in attracting large numbers of families and individuals, will save a lot of money spent on foreign tourism, not the economic factor is the only goal, but a series of sequential goals, which will achieve the most prominent definition of the inner cities and civilization of the country, National culture, which entails a high proportion of belonging to the homeland and pride in it, and then become individuals and mobile media in this area.
On the other hand, children who grow up in the family and travel with them on their internal tourism trips and that behavior becomes part of their composition and internal tourism become a permanent behavior for them instead of foreign tourism, which constitutes a kind of cultural threat to some of our values ​​and behaviors.
Domestic tourism in Iraq faces major challenges at the level of investment, legislation, provision of services, infrastructure projects and security, which explains the need of the investor and the tourist to support the government, especially with the development of development projects in the surrounding countries and the potential tourist elements it has to compete in attracting tourists.
The obstacles to domestic tourism do not stop to this extent, but the plans to cope with high prices in residential units, travel, entertainment and living are not enough, and what makes the citizen looking for an external destination is less expensive (from a point of view) Without material pressures and potential security problems.