Obstacles facing internal tourism in Iraq:
1. Political Obstacles.
2. Security obstacles.
3. Obstacles related to lack of tourism awareness.
4. Marketing obstacles.
5. Economic obstacles.
6. Obstacles relating to transport and transport services.
7. Obstacles related to public taste.
8. Obstacles related to lack of government support and tourism projects.
9. Obstacles related to the lack of tourist companies.
10. Obstacles relating to religious tourism services.
11 – Lack of data and information available on religious tourism sites in Iraq and their importance.
12 – the decline in the level of security in general and some areas in particular and the abundance of monopolies and other security conditions.
13 – not to rely on a strategy of the work of companies, which are usually the first and last concern is to make a profit.
14 – Urban Obstacles There are several urban obstacles, including the small size of the religious scene, which leads to great congestion inside the scene from the room of the mausoleum and hallways and even the courtyard, especially on religious holidays and holidays, and thus lead to the visitor’s disability in the practice of tourism activities and religious visits such as Prayer and reading the Koran and visits and other practices, as such places with religious attractions must be a large area to accommodate the largest number of visitors and thus the visitor can exercise its effectiveness with all flexibility and safety in those places.
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