Characteristics of Contemporary Tourism:
Contemporary tourism is characterized by the following advantages (2):
Travel and tourism are not restricted to the rich.
Relatively low travel costs.
The development of places of accommodation, diversity, diversity and geographical spread.
Trips from individual flights to group trips.
Tourism has become a positive influence in the economies of countries.
The advent of tourism science in the early 1960s as an independent science.
The tourism movement has increased year after year in both quantity and quantity.
Tourism was considered the art of service, hospitality and hospitality.
The emergence of international tourism as a result of the development of intercontinental transport.
Increased international investment in the tourism sector.
The use of modern means in tourism programming and planning.
Contribution of tourism development to comprehensive economic development.
A large number of countries rely on tourism income for their national product.
Tourism has become one of the largest income-generating sectors, job opportunities and its ability to fight poverty and unemployment.
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