Tips for your child on safari trips

Do you love adventure and love wildlife? So you intend to take a new safari trip, but it may be with your children, which may raise your concern at times.. But these tips collected by “The Traveler’s Encyclopedia” may remove tension a little and make you accept this trip without any worries that hinder your real enjoyment of this wonderful vacation .

Start your journey slowly

When you are in Namibia, for example, go from small parks to bigger and bigger until you reach Etosha National Park and this applies not only to the area but to the degree of excitement and brutality that the animals enjoy in each park, while the animals in the capital city of Windhoek can be smaller In your first camp in Namibia, the kids at the same time will be more excited to discover what’s bigger.


Expectations Management

Talk to your children about patience, remind them that they may have to wait to see a big game between animals and of course they will hope so, make it like a game with them, teach them the joy of searching, and be willing to help them pass the time when there is nothing to see. Many hostels provide books (either at the reception or in the gift shop) that will help your children identify unfamiliar animals and which ones to stay away from.

Help them create memories of their own

If you can give your kids a camera of their own or let them have a video recorder to capture their memories it will surely bring smiles to them later on, and it will also help them to preserve and discuss their memories with those around them. And work to have paper and pens with them to work on drawing and coloring any animal that doesn’t move much.

let them sleep

On safari trips, adventurers, including children, tend to have a rest period, whether in the morning or evening, and for children who hate long car rides, or who tend to sleep once, allow them and do not mind them sleeping even for short periods from time to time, and allow They also have comfort when things are going slow.

Take care of them in the wild

Tour operators can lead you to believe that everything is completely safe, but it is not always the case, so remember that young children can appear to be prey for wild animals, and then work to close all car doors and windows tightly and pay close attention to your children as they can For them to open the doors for more enjoyment, which can be dangerous for them.

due care


Double check the age limits before you travel to your destination, not all lodges allow small children to enter, the noise and anxiety level usually cause some animals, and the safety factor for youngsters can also be a hindrance. Some safaris lower the minimum age if you are in a private jeep just for your family, think long and hard about your child’s personality before booking the trip, a tantrum in the wild can have disastrous consequences.