Tips for reading on the plane

Traveling by plane is generally a boring experience, and it is more boring if the flight is long, especially if you are one of those who cannot sleep while flying, so reading while traveling is an ideal way to spend the time of the flight, and avoids conversation with your neighbor in the seat, especially if you find that he may not interact with you during the flight.

But sometimes reading on the plane causes “motion sickness,” especially if the flight is subjected to some disturbances such as turbulence, or the flight crew is a lot of movement. Therefore, in order to enjoy an enjoyable reading, you can benefit from the following tips:

1. Choose your favorite book before arriving at the airport; Because books and magazines on sale at airports are often very expensive, and not as diverse outside the airport, and you may not find your favorite book or the author’s book that you prefer to read.

2. Make sure that the topics of the book or magazine are light and appropriate; Because it is difficult to digest fatty topics in an atmosphere like the atmosphere of travel.

3. In order to avoid motion sickness while reading, put the book or magazine close to your eyes, or put your hands next to your eyes so that it prevents you from seeing the movement around you, especially if it is a lot. If you are dizzy while traveling, take the appropriate medication before boarding the plane.

4. Take a travel pillow that is supplied with air and does not occupy a large volume in the bag, and use it to put the book in a comfortable position, and when you feel tired, move the seat down to take a suitable and comfortable position.

5. When you want to read, use an earplug that blocks ambient noise, and in addition to blocking the noise, it will send a message to your neighbor that you are serious and busy in reading and do not bother you with talking or anything else, it is better to buy an earplug for flights, and thus completely block the noise, and protect the ear from Effect of pressure change during flight.

6. Take with you a lamp with a means of fastening in the book so that the intensity of the illumination is constant and belongs to you alone, and this enables you to continue reading even if your neighbor closes the window of the plane, or the lighting above you does not work properly.

7. Do not read with the window lighting on. Because the change in the intensity of the lighting due to the change in the direction of the plane affects your eyes and may make you dizzy.

8. You can have your favorite book recorded on a cassette tape or in the form of “MP3”, so you can put the headphones in your ears and listen to what is in the book while leaning back and relaxing and closing your eyes for some time, and you may fall asleep for short periods, keeping you comfortable in your seat throughout the flight .