The laws of some cities may expose you to a fine during your tour

Laws vary across the countries of the world, and it may seem to some that there are strict laws, while others see them as normal and cannot imagine life without them, while a third type of people sees them as ridiculous and laughing, but in the end these laws only aim for one goal, which is to protect people of potential damage.

This is a list of the most famous ten strange laws in the world, which you may encounter on your own during your visit to a country.


Law No. 1

Italian law prohibits feeding pigeons in St. Mark’s Square, and the reason behind this is that the very large number of pigeons in this area has led to damage to historical structures and buildings there, so the government wants to reduce the number of pigeons in the square in order to preserve its ancient monuments and monuments.

Law No. 2

Driving a car with sandals or slippers is a major crime in Spain because of the danger it causes to the life of the driver and the lives of pedestrians as well.

Law No. 3

It is common knowledge around the world that spitting is unpleasant, but spitting in the streets of Barcelona can result in a fine.

Law No. 4

Wearing high-heeled shoes is a taboo in the historical cities of Greece, as in the Acropolis, because those high heels cause the destruction of monuments and inscriptions on the ground.

Law No. 5

Danish law stipulates that car headlights should not be turned off while driving, even in the daytime, at least dimly lit, and this is a strict law that punishes those who violate it immediately.

Law No. 6

Some people consider chewing gum a bad habit, but in Singapore, chewing gum in public streets is a crime and whoever practices it is punished, in order to maintain public hygiene and civilized appearance, with the exception of if it is medicinal gum used for treatment.

Law No. 7

In Eureka, Nevada, USA, men with mustaches were banned from kissing women.

Law No. 8

In Portugal, urinating in sea water is a crime that deserves punishment.

Law No. 9

Among the strange laws are also what is stipulated in the law in Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia, where it is forbidden to carry the “durian” fruit, which is known in Arab countries as the dragon fruit, it is forbidden to carry it on public transportation, whether it is buses or the subway, because of its bad smell.

Law No. 10

Finally, in Denmark, before starting your car engine, the law forces you to check under the car to see for yourself whether there is a sleeping child or an animal sheltering under it.