Social relationships in travel

Moving to a new country for the purpose of tourism, work or education is an enjoyable experience that deserves some effort from you, dear traveler, especially if your stay will extend to some weeks or months, so that you get to know the customs, traditions and culture of this country, in a way that facilitates your integration and coexistence with the rest of the local population as if you were One of them, especially as this will greatly reduce your feeling of alienation or loneliness in the midst of a new society and identity for you. If you have experienced this feeling before, here are some tips that will help you on your next trip.

Learn a new word every day

Learning the new language is very important on the way to interact with the locals, so it is recommended to learn a new word or sentence every day, starting with the basics of dealing with others such as the word “thank you”, “that was delicious”, and this will require you some time, but soon What will benefit you in your new destination.

Eat at local restaurants

Instead of heading to a famous tourist chain of restaurants, why not head to the local restaurants frequented by the people to eat some authentic local dishes, listen carefully to the locals, their dialects, and the way they eat, and just imitate them as much as you can.

It also applies when you are shopping, so do not go to tourist places, but make local markets your favorite destination, especially since the process of imitating local people in their transactions is an important gateway to acquiring and speaking the language, in addition to the process of bartering with sellers will push you a step forward on the path of engaging in New life, don’t worry most cities and towns have local markets that take place on at least one day of the week.

language exchange

Exchanging slang with the locals will give you the opportunity to make friends with a lot of people, and you can post an advertisement on the Internet to find a local partner with you in the room, if you are a student and live in the city for education.

Go to places where expatriates gather

This method will help you to get to know more expatriates in your city, who usually meet in some cafes or culture houses, to exchange experiences and posts about this new country and learn from them, and then you must be keen to attend these gatherings on an ongoing basis.

Don’t be shy to ask questions

Shyness will hinder your way in getting to know the culture and language of the new country, so you should abandon it as much as possible to interact with the locals, who will be happy to ask you about the things you would like to know about the place, whether on the tourist or cultural side.

Accept all invitations

Don’t turn down invitations from residents as much as you can, go to dinner with your boss, have tea with the family next door, and attend all the popular festivals and events, these interactions can give you insight into different aspects of culture.

Homestay Local Families

Staying with local families can be a good way to get to know their cultures easily and quickly without any trouble. In this local house, it will be easy for you to learn about the different language, culture, customs and traditions, and then you will be able to deal as a family member. You can contact the local tourism office to find out about residents who welcome expatriates in their homes, or browse the “AIRBNB” website, which allows you to search for different places of residence in the new country, as well as the “Joeet” website, which is the link between people who They have extra space, and are among people looking for places to stay around the world.

Talk to the waiter

Your presence in a local restaurant must not be limited to eating only, but must extend to be a means of introducing you to the new culture that you will coexist with. With the well-known traditions that you must follow in order to integrate with the local population.

Opening up to a new culture

Opening up to the culture in a new country is the best way to discover and live with local secrets. If you shut yourself out at your resort to talk only to the travelers staying with you, your mind won’t open up to the local.

Public bus independence

Do not hesitate to take public buses and meditate on the nature of the conversations of the local passengers, and the way they speak, as this will benefit you greatly on the way to getting to know the place and its various symbols, as well as during your daily dealings.

Meet local friends online


It is better for you to build a network of social relations and friendships before you head to the new country, through forums and social networks. Friends will teach you a lot about their country in terms of language, food and different customs, and also do not miss reading the local media on the Internet before you go so that you can chat About the local news when you arrive, which will bring you closer to the people of the country.