Six Traveler Photography Mistakes

Whether you are traveling to a distant global destination, or you are wandering in a nearby tourist country, your attention will be attracted by some exciting and unusual scenes that you must take pictures of so that you do not miss it.. Therefore, you had to recognize the most common mistakes when taking pictures in order to be Ready to record your memories in a natural and automatic aesthetic.

1. Determine the intent of the image

The first thing you should pay attention to when taking photos is what is the significance of the photo and why are you going to shoot this scene in itself? Successful photos must have a specific point of interest, and this point is often the one that caught your eye in the first place. With this logic, you will ensure that this photo will be admired by those who see it, especially since it has a clear and explicit focus.

2. Define the main photo theme

Multiple scenes within one image leave room for doubt regarding the main subject of the image for those who view it, so you must fill the frame with your image subject, this helps to eliminate unnecessary or unwanted elements and overcomes a common mistake in making the subject of the image too small It is almost negligible, which leaves the viewer wondering what the image is saying, and often a few steps towards your subject or zooming in a bit will eliminate that problem.

3. Don’t focus on the wrong part of the picture

The largest part of the image should be the point of interest, so be careful when focusing especially if there is something other than the main subject, so that the viewer’s eyes don’t get lost and automatically head to the wrong place.

4. Place the subject of interest in the middle of the frame

The subject of interest should not be far from the center of the frame, and you must bear in mind as you look through your camera lens that the subject is in the middle of the image, for example if you are taking a picture, and its subject is the face of the person, as in the scene there is also a boat that floats On a lake Considering that the person is standing in front of the lake, in this case the person’s face must be in the middle of the picture and the boat is only a background for the person and not aligned to the side.

5. Avoid items that are inconsistent with the topic

You should avoid other elements that conflict with the main theme, you must take a look at the space behind your subject and make sure that there is nothing that contradicts the main goal in the image.

6. Pay attention to the direction of the light

You should think about the direction of the light towards your subject before taking the picture, whether it is natural light from the sun, or artificial light from a lamp, especially since light is a key factor in showing the beauty of the image, for example, if there is a beautiful monument but you took the picture of it in the shade , or if you are photographing someone with a hat casting a shadow on their face, in these cases the beauty of the image will not appear.


Therefore, the most important thing is to wait for the appropriate time and position of the day, whether morning or evening, to take the picture, as controlling the light falling on the special subject in the picture will enhance its beauty.