Important tips before your stay at the hotel

Being a frequent traveler or a traveler for the first time, whether for tourism, work or study. Staying in hotels is a necessity, and it greatly affects your impression of the trip and what you gained from it. In the hotel, the traveler spends his time sleeping and resting and preparing for tours every day. Travel sites publish hotel reviews and guest stories. On this subject, we offer some of the experiences and advice of travelers and specialists for a comfortable stay in the hotel…

before arrival


1. Double confirm booking

One of the unpleasant surprises while traveling is that you arrive at the hotel and do not find a reservation in your name, and to avoid that, confirm the reservation twice, whether through the website or by calling the phone at least 24 hours before arrival. If you do not find the reservation, you will have plenty of time to book another room or even in another hotel if you do not Empty rooms are available.

Also be sure to print your booking confirmation at least proof that you have already booked and for the amount you paid – if you did – to avoid any unknown additional fees.

2 – Call first

Besides confirming your reservation online, it is important that you contact the hotel before your arrival and make sure that what you saw and read about the hotel is available upon your arrival.

Also, if you are traveling to celebrate a wedding or a honeymoon, tell the hotel to get a special room and a suitable atmosphere.

3 – Use the map

The hotel you want to stay in may look great from the published reports about it and its website, but it is also important, especially if this is your first visit to the area or city, to see a map of the neighborhood in which the hotel is located using Google Maps to see the location of the hotel for what you want to visit. It is in a somewhat isolated area or far away, so the map helps you a lot in choosing.

4 – Become a member of the hotel’s loyalty program

Whether it is your first stay at the hotel or you are staying there when you travel frequently, it is useful to become a member of the hotel’s loyalty or privilege club. Rooms. Some hotels, such as Hilton, allow club members to exchange points for airline miles.

Upon arrival

5 – Ask the hotel staff

From those who know the hotel well and the sights of the city, the workers in the hotel are like the baggage handler, it is better to keep a good relationship with him; He can guide you to what you want in the hotel and the city.

6 – Remember the names of the employees in the hotel

We and most people love those who call us by our names and remember them; Therefore, if you can memorize the name of the receptionist or reservation officer and remember it, it is better to use it in your speech, as this will make him remember you and be more willing to serve you and advise you.

7 – Let your children have fun before arriving at the hotel

Children often have an excessive desire to move and go, especially if the trip is long and they have to stay for several hours in the seat of the plane or the car; Therefore, before arriving at the hotel, you can buy something from the airport or let them move freely in front of you to be able to convince them to remain calm when entering the hotel lobby so as not to disturb other travelers.

In the hotel room

8 – Don’t forget the electricity subscriber

When traveling, especially with the family, be sure to take a shared or electrical distributor with you in the bag; When you reach the hotel and settle down, you may find yourself and your family charging mobile phone, laptop and MP3 batteries and using many electrical tools, and you do not find enough electricity connections in the room, so the presence of the electric subscriber will solve the problem. And even if you are alone, it will be useful; you may find the electricity connection far from the place where you want to sit or work.

9 – The refrigerator in the room

One of the most expensive things to do while traveling, especially in expensive cities, is eating out and eating out every day. Therefore, the presence of a small refrigerator in the room will enable you to store some soft drinks, juices and light foods for breakfast and dinner, and children’s meals such as yogurt, cheese and pizza, which will save you some money for picnics and shopping. And you can call before your arrival to make sure of its presence. And if your hotel does not provide a refrigerator in the rooms, it is possible to take a small refrigerator with you to accommodate your needs.

10 – The iron is for other purposes!

Most of the hotels provide an iron in every room, and with some measure, the iron has other functions besides ironing clothes and ridding them of wrinkles; It is possible to take with you while traveling some aluminum foil so that you will have some quick cooking and reheating tools!!

If you turn off the steam, you can roll up sandwiches, baked goods, or leftovers from dinner and put the iron on to heat it up for a quick evening or morning meal.

11 – Cooking with a coffee heater

And another way to cook quickly is through an electric coffee heater, it is possible to use hot water to make some pasta. The heater base, the heat source, is used to heat sandwiches.

12 – The iron again!!

If the room feels cold, despite the heater, you may not be able to sleep easily. But with a simple trick – and if it seems funny – you will get a warm mattress and a comfortable sleep, and again by using the iron, by ironing the sheet and the pillow case right before going to sleep using the lowest degree in the iron so that it does not burn or stick. This method will give you a warm mattress For several hours in a cool room.

13 – Your time at the hotel

Always make sure to ask at the hotel before booking about the presence of a TV and a CD player, you may be surprised by that, what do you need for them while traveling and your desire to change and see the new, but sometimes, especially if the travel period is long and in bad weather conditions, you may not be able to go out and roam Sometimes, and – God forbid – in conditions of illness, you will need to entertain some time