How to get a restful sleep on your travels

“Sleep is Sultan” .. a common proverb in our Arab societies, but do you support it? Many of us have difficulty sleeping in a place we are not used to before, such as hotel rooms because of the strangeness of the place or the noise. Join us on our journey to find out how you can achieve a peaceful and comfortable sleep without the noise during your stay in hotels.

The path to a peaceful sleep begins with choosing a quiet and comfortable room. Here are some tips:

1. It is preferable that the room be in the middle of the main corridor on the upper floor away from elevators, entrances, exits and service rooms, to ensure calm accompanied by a comfortable sleep, and it is preferable that the room has a high ceiling and spacious space so that you feel isolated from those around you and plunge into a deep slumber, and these rooms are often classified Within the hotel suites.

2. You can choose a room at the back of the hotel, and this type of room is usually quieter, especially if it is far from the car parks, and cautions against staying in a room on the floor above the dining halls and public places in the hotel where the noise continues late in many times.

3. You should choose your room away from the water fountains so that their sound does not disturb you at night, which negatively affects your peaceful sleep. It is preferable to choose a room whose balconies overlook beautiful and calm views.

4. You can ask the receptionist if there are renovations in a section or suite in the hotel in order to avoid staying in the rooms surrounding these renovations, and if the renovations were completed earlier, you should choose the renovated rooms, they are usually cleaner, and smell better.

5. If you suffer from insomnia, it is necessary to ask about the nature of the existing curtains, and to ensure their ability to prevent light leakage and sunlight entering the room so as not to worry early, and it is possible to bring with you one of the clips that controls the closing of the curtains well.

6. Make sure to choose non-smoking rooms, if you are, so that the smell of old cigarettes does not make you uncomfortable.

7. Make sure of the nature of the pillows and their suitability for you, especially if you suffer from back or neck pain, and if they do not suit you, you should contact the services to provide the additional pillows you need.

Now with the second stage, after booking the room and before you get ready for bed, these tips for a quiet night in preparation for a new day of work or a walk can help you:

8. Some are associated with personal furnishings and covers that help him sleep better, and you can bring some with you as this ensures you rest and sleep better, especially if you are allergic to some types of detergents or bleaching materials used by the hotel. Also, do not miss to perfume the room with the perfume you prefer before bed.

9. Try not to read or eat in bed, even if the sitting area is limited in the room, so always make the bed a place to rest and sleep only.

10. Do not change your habits before going to sleep, as this will make you feel familiar with the place, and you can enjoy the radio or television if you are used to it, but the volume must be reduced so as not to disturb the other guests.

11. Do not eat a heavy meal or large quantities of food at dinner, as this affects your sleep, and you should not go overboard with tea, coffee and caffeinated drinks.

12. You can ask the hotel reception to divert your incoming phone calls and messages to voice mail during your sleeping hours, so that no wrong numbers wake you up.

13. It can help you sleep by providing some “white noise” that emits different sounds such as raindrops or the sound of wind, which blocks the noise outside and provides a dreamy atmosphere for sleep. A lot of what is available in hotel rooms or can be obtained from the reception, and you can download one of the applications available for smartphones such as White Noise Lite available for free for Android phones, iPhone and iPad and then choose the appropriate track, as well as downloading from a site such as

14. If you do not want to be disturbed in the early morning, you should make sure that there is a sign stating that you are not disturbed on the outside door handle, especially since there are many workers who start their work at eight in the morning.

15. You have to check the hotel’s alarm and turn off all the predetermined times by previous guests, preferably have your own alarm as you are used to the way it works and its tone.

16. Before going to bed, adjust the room temperature to suit you, or open the window to renew the air in the room. Also, make sure to turn off the room light and keep the bathroom light so that you don’t stumble after waking up in a new place you’re not familiar with.

17. You can take a warm bath to help you relax and sleep better.

18. It is possible to use earplugs during sleep so as not to worry about the noise, as well as shades for your eyes, especially if the room does not have curtains.

19. If you go to bed, breathe deeply several times to help you relax, and if you cannot sleep, you can get out of bed and do another work such as reading a magazine and then come back again.


20. If you hear loud noises coming from a room next door to you, you can call the front desk to take care of it. Also if your room is on a floor with renovations, call the front desk to exchange the room especially if you will be staying for several nights.