How to choose the right items for your travel

Modern tourism tends to take several tourist trips annually instead of one trip, which are trips that go to discover new areas and do not usually extend for more than a week, and their nature is activity and movement between several sites in the tourist country, but the common factor between these trips is the lack of travel bags and the sufficiency With hand luggage that only accommodates travel necessities.


Travel experts recommend light loads because they relieve the traveler’s psychological burden, allowing him to enjoy the trip more

This means being satisfied with what the tourist actually needs during his trips and dispensing with many tools and goods that were necessary in the past, and in this method there are many benefits as the tourist arrives at the arrival airport and from there to abroad directly without congestion and queuing to wait for the charged travel bags that he loses Some of them are also way, the traveler sometimes avoids additional costs imposed by some airlines on checked baggage these days.

There are a lot of items that can be dispensed with during travel or changed into smaller sizes. It also requires good planning for how to choose the vital items needed for each trip, taking into account the travel destination, weather conditions, and the possibility of purchasing some items at the arrival sites, and some of them are cheaper than in a country the passenger.

For example, there is no need to put towels in travel bags, as hotels provide their own towels, and the same applies to hair dryers, shampoos and shower soaps. These functions in one compact size.

It is possible to buy special bags that can be compressed clothes in order to allow the opportunity to carry more, and you must travel with a limited number of pieces of clothes that can be washed after two days of travel and re-used, or even buy some local clothes that can be left after the end of the trip.

Among the purposes that can be changed are replacing personal computers with other light and small devices, taking light shoes, and replacing books. The “Kindle” electronic device and keeping information on a memory finger keeps vital information and images in safety, and in the case of buying cosmetics or skin moisturizers, small sizes can be satisfied Or purchased at the flight site after arrival.

There are some things that cannot be dispensed with on any trip and they include passports, coins, credit cards, driver’s licenses, copies of passports that can be kept on the computer, and a belt to save money.

Backpack bags hold between 30 and 40 liters, and some can be covered with a rain and dust-proof film. You have to purchase a blade lock to seal the bag to its contents, or purchase an encrypted cable to attach the bag to fixed objects in the hotel.

Some find a dilemma in choosing the things they need during the trip, so they resort to shipping more clothes that are not needed during the holiday, but in most cases the traveler discovers that he did not use many of the things he brought with him unnecessarily.

There are benefits that frequent travelers know about in light travel, as taking heavy bags on any trip means that the traveler has to carry or move them.

The secret to achieving a successful travel trip, whether for holidays or for business, is to simplify the travel steps and not worry about bags being lost during shipment. Old travelers tell stories of bags lost during air travel and the troubles caused by such situations.


Travel experts recommend light loads because they reduce the psychological burden of the traveler, allowing him to enjoy the trip. Light travel gives the traveler more time, as he can reach the airport an hour before take off instead of two hours if he carries only hand luggage, and he is the first to leave the airport after Arrival also allows the traveler to rely on himself and not wait for the bags to arrive in the room with the porters after arriving at his hotel, and even when returning, the traveler will not have to spend a lot of time rearranging heavy bags and arranging their carrying.