How are travel bags prepared?

We often consider that preparing bags for travel is stuffing them with everything we see and what we love from clothes, shoes and supplies, and if we can try to move the house with what it contains during the trip, for fear that we need something and not find it, and for fear that we will lose what we used to in our daily life. The result is that we may only use half of what we took, and in addition to the bags bloating and the difficulty of closing and the hassle of carrying them and transporting them from the airport, bus and hotel, they are an example of chaos and take a long time to empty them after arrival and then repack them upon departure. And then we may have to pay extra fees at the airport because of the extra weight. So preparing lighter bags also means more organization and comfort.. Here are some tips:

– First of all, it is important to check with the airline and make sure of the allowed weight and the number of bags, as this is better than receiving a surprise at the airport.

2 – Choosing the bag itself affects the total weight, so it is recommended to choose a bag of appropriate weight and size. If the bag is too large, it may push you to take more than you need, as well as prefer strong and cleanable materials; Because it is subjected to pulling, scratching, repeated transportation, and perhaps sitting on it.

3 – One of the things that drives us the most to take items without urgent need is the lack of time and preparing the bags for the night of travel; With the preoccupation with arranging the house and travel procedures, we put a lot of clothes without thinking. Therefore, it is better to prepare a list days before traveling with everything we might need and then return to it at a later time to delete unnecessary things or add new things.

4 – Do not take what is available while traveling. For example, there is no need for a hair dryer or iron, as most hotels provide them.

5- Hotels often provide bathroom lotions, n soap, shampoo, and so on, but if you take them, take into account their tightness and assemble them together in a closed transparent bag, and choose small package sizes that are sufficient only for the duration of travel, so there is no need to take large packages.

6 – When preparing the list, it is preferable to wear clothes that are sufficient for the days of travel, while taking colors that fit together, such as black and jeans, so that it can be worn with more than one color and save more clothes, and it is better that the fabrics are less wrinkled and easy to iron.

7 – It is necessary to follow the weather in the country you intend to visit to take appropriate clothes for the weather and for your activities during travel, whether camping, safari, swimming, parties, conferences or shopping.

8 – If you are going to accompany your children while traveling, consider taking extra clothes for them because they are more active and mobile, and therefore their clothes are more likely to get dirty.

Put the pajamas together so that the clothes are organized when the bag is unpacked.

10 – When putting clothes on, it is possible to bend belts, ties, accessories and socks, or put them inside handbags so that they maintain their shape and take advantage of the space in the bag as much as possible, and also if you have things that are prone to breakage, try to wrap them with clothes to protect them.

11- It is possible to put the socks inside the shoes and then put them inside the plastic bags under the clothes, but always make sure that you have sports shoes with you that fit the tours and walking.

12 – Put empty plastic bags in the bag to put the soiled clothes in.

13 – It is necessary to take with you some basic first aid tools such as bandages, anti-allergics, headache relievers, skin softeners, sunscreen, and any medication that you use regularly.

14 – Always put money, jewelry and devices in the handbag that you carry to protect them from loss and damage, and it is preferable to use credit cards and travel checks.


15- Finally, do not forget to leave an empty place in the bag for what you will buy while traveling.