For first time travelers.. follow the tips

If you are traveling alone, you may accept and bear some additional burdens during transportation and even when staying, but when it comes to traveling with the family, you must re-calculate more than once to ensure your family a pleasant journey, starting with your choice of destination and ending with the available enjoyment opportunities, especially if you are traveling accompanied them for the first time.

1. Where do you go:

You have to choose the destination that meets the requirements of all family members. This is their vacation as well. The trip must suit all those who will take it. The vacation plan includes some marketing tours to satisfy the younger generation, and some trips to amusement parks to ensure the enjoyment of children and young adults. And so it should be easy.

Searching for destinations in advance will guarantee you more enjoyment. A trip to Sri Lanka, for example, will be ideal for making families happy, especially those traveling with children. As for architecture enthusiasts, adults and children, they will not find a better city than Paris, which will allow them to alternate between Visit galleries and museums and enjoy the wonderful children’s gardens, especially Parc de La Vita, as well as a tour to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

2. What to do:

Many believe that expensive, high-end trips to the landmarks will be fun for their children, although a simple trip to some local lakes may be more fun than a trip to luxury water parks. On the other hand, families should check local transportation options, trams, and trains and buses before traveling to major cities to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free journey.

You should know that one of the biggest benefits of traveling is meeting new people and getting to know them, especially if you have young children. Looking for opportunities for your children to interact with local children will increase their chances of fun, and visiting local museums and festivals can offer your children all the activities Social that allows them to recreate themselves as required.

You can browse the expatriate networks on the web pages for local information on the most prominent family-friendly hotels, and the most prominent events that allow children to enjoy.

By the same token, if you’re traveling with your kids to a new city, you and they may be a magnet for locals who may come after you with pictures and extra attention, so stop when you think it’s over the top.

3. Place of residence:

When it comes to accommodation, you have to choose the right place for you and your families, you can alone rent a small apartment next to the locals within the markets and local public places, but if you are with your children, you should as much as possible choose a suite in a stylish family hotel with multi-services, especially for children.

There is also a good and special idea, which we often overlook, which is to stay in the home of local families that host tourists from different parts of the world. .

4. Luggage:

Travel experts advise families traveling not to carry a lot of luggage, so as not to turn it into a procession of bags, and experiences have shown that looking for a local place to wash clothes and personal belongings may be much better than carrying more heavy bags.

But before you travel, be sure to check with reliable sources whether essential goods such as baby formula, wet wipes, mosquito repellent, and basic medical supplies will be available at your destination.


For owners of long trips, boredom is an imminent threat to your children, so make sure to provide plenty of entertainment and enjoyment opportunities for them, which can be available in several forms such as books, crayons, and small toys.