Etiquette for taking pictures in the countries of travel

We often want to take memorial photos of local people when traveling abroad, as a way to record our different memories, but we may face some problems when doing this by force without permission from others, especially since there are many people who refuse to take pictures, and consider it an intrusion into personal privacy, and for this reason The “Lonely Planet” website has set 7 etiquettes that you must follow when you take pictures of strangers in the countries of travel.

1. Permission request

Asking who you are going to take pictures of will allow you to use the camera lens perfectly, and will allow you to get close enough to the scene and take more than one picture in several positions, as well as communicate with the owner of the shot or scene if necessary.

And you must know that it is inappropriate to photograph someone against his will, your permission may be accompanied by refusal, and this may seem disappointing, but you must accept this with tolerance, and do not assume that everyone else in your environment will refuse to photograph as well, and you must make sure that there is no Any religious or cultural reasons that do not encourage or prohibit the filming.

2. How to deal with people

The way you approach the target person to photograph will affect the result of your request to take the photo, and all you have to do is simply smile and the camera appears to confirm your intention to photograph. The signal where you can approach anyone with confidence and a smile, and when you get the green light to shoot, you have to increase the possibility of taking pictures more spontaneously and naturally.

3.Control Mode

There is nothing more frustrating than taking a picture that is not good despite your high expectations for its quality, so you had to impose your control over the position of the picture before you took the decision to shoot, and do not worry about this and ask the target person to look at you, or to look Away, or whatever you see fit, if the person wears a hat in a sunny place and does not show his face properly, then ask his permission to change places a little or push the hat back a little.

4. Helping the target person to be photographed relax

If the people of interest are disturbed in front of the camera, just try quietly to get them to relax, provided you have the camera ready at the same time, then wait or talk to them before trying again, and when you find the time to take a nice shot, Your photo heroes will no doubt be happy when they see how good their faces look on the LCD screen.

5. Benefits of a direct approach

The straightforward approach to asking for permission usually yields satisfactory results compared to other pictures taken sneakily from a distance, especially since in this other case people will be suspicious of your intentions and become less cooperative with you, even though you have the full opportunity to take the picture from a close distance and in a good position In the event of permission, this will be more useful in cases of phone photography or cameras with limited capabilities.

If you’re hesitant to ask for permission, you can take photos with vendors and service providers at first as they rarely refuse, and this is a good way to remove the dread.

6. Give thanks

Finally, you have to show your photos to the people you took pictures of through the camera screen, this is a great way to express your gratitude to them.

7. Physical contrast of the image

People at some popular destinations may ask you for money in exchange for taking a photo, and this can be considered a fair and reasonable exchange of interest in order to come up with a personal response to taking photos.

Of course, don’t offer money (or candy, pens, or anything) if you aren’t asked, and in the end it’s all about how important and special the sound is. Agreeing on the price in local currency in advance is important to avoid problems, as bargaining is mandatory at this point.


Always keep in your wallet a small category of coins and banknotes, so that they can be easily accessed, and it is advisable to put these categories in a place far from your own money, and not to declare your strong financial ability to pay, so that you do not have to pay a large amount in the end.