Eight tips to maintain your stomach while traveling

Recent American data have been issued to confirm that more than 10 million travelers abroad, especially those who make regular flights, usually contract diseases, foremost of which is diarrhea, which these data attributed to the consumption of a drink or food that is not good, and therefore it was necessary to follow some habits and take some steps before eating Food in the countries of travel to maintain your health and your stomach.

Avoid raw foods as much as possible when traveling to other countries

1. When entering a new restaurant on your trip, you must look at the waiter and the chef; What do they wear, how do they deal with food, for example, is their hair tied, do they wear plastic gloves or not, and if things find otherwise, you must leave the restaurant immediately, and this also applies if you find the waiter smoking while serving food.

2. I look for crowded places when choosing a restaurant on the road, especially if the customers are local residents. This is conclusive evidence of the cleanliness of the place. The people of the country cannot eat spoiled food.

3. Avoid raw foods as much as possible when traveling to other countries or regions, and the best option is canned and fresh foods, and do not eat too much spicy foods, as some people get stomach pain if they eat food that contains hot peppers or spices.

4. Avoid mixing drinks with tap water or ice cubes, as you do not know the nature and source of the water the ice cubes are made of, and drinks served with hot water are a good option, such as hot tea or hot coffee.

5. Not all mineral water is safe. Therefore, you have to choose the trustworthy brand in your country and make sure it is sealed.

6. Do not eat food that has been left open for more than an hour, especially if the air temperature or room temperature is very hot above 32 degrees Celsius.

7. Use wet wipes to clean hotel utensils, starting with the toilet door handle, and the phone. And don’t forget to wash cutlery like cups, spoons and plates in hot water before use, but if you’re visiting developing countries, you’ll need to bring your own equipment.


8. Do not accept fresh vegetables or fruits before making sure to wash them well, and it is also advisable to peel them first.