Camel Festival, India:

A festival called Camel Festival is held in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India, and lasts for two days. In this festival, the camel and its owner both wear the finest jewelry and accessories, and when the camels go on their rallies, they see their necks studded with jewels and their feet with anklets in a beautiful scene.

Bikaner Festival also holds many sports and cultural activities, however camel racing is the core of the festival. Hundreds of camels are mobilized to the starting line, and the camels dance to the traditional music of Rajasthan, their necks and feet swaying to the beat of the music.


Throughout the Bikaner festival you can enjoy sweets and tea made from camel milk. In the evening, you can enjoy folk songs and dance amid fireworks that will continue until the conclusion of the festivities on the evening of the second day.