Aircraft designs for the 2014 World Cup

It is natural for the world teams to compete in the World Cup finals in Brazil, but what is striking this year is the entry of international airlines into this fierce competition by decorating their planes with the most beautiful logos and designs.

The Argentine national football team traveled to the World Cup finals in Brazil on an Argentinian Airlines plane painted in the distinctive light blue and white and decorated with the image of the great star Lionel Messi.

The captain of the Argentine national team, Messi, player of Barcelona, ​​​​was honored to appear on the Boeing 737-700, along with his two teammates, Higuain, player of Napoli, Italy, and Aguero, player of Manchester City, England.

The pictures of the three players on the plane come in goal-scoring mode. Pictures of two other stars were also placed on the tail of the plane, as a reminder of Argentina’s victory in its previous World Cup titles in 1978 and 1986.

As a sign of encouragement, I wrote “Vamos Argentina” or “We are Argentina” in large letters on the side of the plane.

Emirates, the global partner of the FIFA World Cup, also unveiled one of its Boeing 777-300 aircraft bearing the signature of football legend Pele, Emirates’ global ambassador and three-time World Cup winner, on the eve of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Pele’s Plane will transport football fans this summer on the Dubai-Sao Paulo route.

This easily recognizable aircraft, whether on the ground or in the air, accommodates 350 passengers and is adorned with Pele’s signature and the 2014 FIFA World Cup logo on its exterior. The championship, and placed on the rest of the Boeing 777 aircraft in the Emirates fleet (115 aircraft) a great emblem for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The two Brazilian twins, OS GEMEOS, added wonderful designs to their team’s plane in preparation for the World Cup, where they created the most beautiful portraits (face images) on the plane’s fuselage, which were drawn longitudinally with different skin colors, and clothes that express the Brazilian culture.
This work lasted for a whole week, and 1,200 machine guns were used to complete the designs that won the admiration of all people, especially the Brazilians and their team that will represent them in the 2014 World Cup.

German Airlines “Lufthansa” changed its logo to “Fanhansa” to celebrate the atmosphere of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, where the letters of its well-known name were changed from Lufthansa to the new logo, “Fanhansa”, thus becoming the first time that Lufthansa changed its name on the fuselage. A number of its aircraft have been operating for a specified period of time since it began operations nearly 60 years ago.

The “Australian national team” was eager to reach the World Cup finals in Brazil in a Qantas plane specially designed with the team’s logo

The Ghana national team arrived in Brazil on a plane decorated with the Ghana national team logo under the nickname “Black Stars”.