Coronavirus (COVID-19)…..Waiting for Godot


 Assist. Prof. Zainab Hussein A. – Kerbala University-Faculty of Tourist Science


    As Samuel Beckett’s play ” Waiting for Godot” ,  people are living in a case of lost. No clear future, no suggested plans, no reasonable alternatives to go on the cycle of life, one feels that everything is ambiguous. 

    One cannot determine the positivity or negativity of this current condition. Actually, it is a controversial period. It is seen that life is about to be stopped. Death is all around the world. Living in a sense of suspense is so panic. One cannot even to expect what is next. Waiting for nothing looks like Beckett’s play ” Waiting for Godot”. People have been separated from each other in unexpected way. Some faith leaders state that it is God’s punishment. In other words, it is “God’s angry” which has no limits. Insisting on practicing different vices  is the main reason behind such heavenly torture. It is the curse of the heaven to those whom are sinners which includes even those whom do not because they do not have their real roles of advising others.

    Contrary to that position, it may be the time of speculation. God is so mercy Who does not harm his creature in such a severe way. It is just a hint to keep pace with God’s limits and instructions. Optimistically, Coronavirus  seems to be the reminder of God’s existence so that all people, regardless of their religions, resort to God so as to relief them of this virus.

     With hope and patience, it can be said that there is still a chance for life to go on without stopping and everything will be fine at the end.  God’s miracle is about to come just wait.